After finishing secondary school in 2016 I did a one-year preparatory art study at MK24 in Amsterdam. This is where I discovered my passion for art and mainly film. After that I studied 2D animation at the HKU, University of the Arts in Utrecht. I graduated with honors in 2021 with my short film Forever a Kid. I enjoy experimenting with materials and mixed media, and finding out new ways to create interesting (moving) visuals. 
At the moment I'm renting an art studio together with some colleagues at Vechtclub Keiland in Utrecht. Here I can work on freelance assignments and personal projects.
Artist Statement:
"My work is mainly focused on being human, and the feelings and emotions that we struggle with from day to day. With my films I want to invoke a feeling of nostalgia or melancholy, by focusing on subjects that nearly every person is familiar with. Feelings of loneliness or “not belonging” are most present in my work. "

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