Official Selections:
Golden Short Film Festival - 2021

Lima Web Fest - 2021
17th Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) - 2021

Cinekid ScreeningClub - 2021
Bridges Festival - 2022
Collecting grasshoppers on a spring afternoon. Watching a butterfly while imagining its previous lives. The sounds of summer as you’re tucked cozily into bed… Forever a Kid is a short animation film about childhood memories. The film consists of a mix of personal memories told by different people from different walks of life. It takes you on a journey through these short stories that altogether tell one big story. The story of childhood. The film doesn’t just portray the fun things about childhood, but it also conveys the feelings of being small and not knowing much yet. 
In the film these different memories are portrayed by many different animation techniques. These memories are illustrated through the use of analog materials, such as crayon, watercolor, pencil and charcoal, in combination with digital techniques like animation in Tvpaint but also 3D applications in Blender. Through this mix of materials and techniques I wanted to convey the free imagination of a child.
The film is accompanied by music composed by Fons Beijer, and sound design by Jesse Hendriks. Both students from HKU Music & Technology.
Stills from the film:

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